Ribonucleic Acid Virtual Laboratory for Sequence Analysis, Structure Prediction, and Databases

Download and installation instructions:

RNAVLab class files, MySQL example table, and example input files:

RNA Secondary Structure Analysis with RNA Segmentation and Assembly:

RNASSA 2.0.150128 (zip file; Java & R required)
; Release Notes; PDF Manual

A Bioinformatics Tool for RNA Segmentation:
Segmenta 2.0
Segmenta 2.0.150303 (zip file; Java and R required)
; Update Notes

A Bioinformatics Tool for Finding Sequence Inversions:
InversFinder 2.0
InversFinder 2.0.150302 (zip file; Java and R required)
; Release Notes

Prediction code websites:

For developing Java applications:
Java desktop environment for running Java
NetBeans and Java SE with JDK for Java development

Good luck...email bugs, questions, and concerns to rnavlab@utep.edu.

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