Ribonucleic Acid Virtual Laboratory for Sequence Analysis, Structure Prediction, and Databases

Core Members

Ming-Ying Leung
Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Director, Bioinformatics and Computational Science Programs
Co-Director, BBRC Research Infrastructure Core
The University of Texas at El Paso
E-mail: mleung@utep.edu

Michela Taufer
Jack Dongarra Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Global Computing Lab, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
E-mail: mtaufer@utk.edu


Jonathon E Mohl
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Texas at El Paso
Email: jemohl@utep.edu

Khodeza Begum
Systems Analyst
The University of Texas at El Paso
Email: kbegum@utep.edu

Kyle Johnson (Visiting Associate Professor, Rhodes College)


FHD van Batenburg (Institute of Theoretical Biology, University of Leiden)
Olac Fuentes (Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, UTEP)
Sacha Gultyaev (Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, University of Leiden)
Thamar Solorio (Associate Professor, University of Houston, Texas)


Clemente Aguilar-Bonavides (Computational Science PhD Student, UTEP)
Roberto Araiza (Programmer Analyst, Bioinformatics Program, UTEP)
Gerardo Cardenas (System Administrator, Bioinformatics Program, UTEP)
Yash Dayal (Network Manager, Bioinformatics Program, UTEP)
Karla Godinez (Bioinformatics Master's Student, UTEP)
David Gomez-Leon (Computer Science Undergraduate Student, UTEP)
Nito Gumataotao (System Administrator, Bioinformatics Program, UTEP)
Peter Kelley (Computer Science REU Student, UTEP)
Vikram Kodimala (Bioinformatics Master's Student, UTEP)
Abel Licon (Computer Science Master's Student, UDel)
Reed Martz (Computer Science Undergraduate Student, UDel)
Allie Melendez (Biology and Mathematics Undergraduate Student, UTEP)
David Mireles (Computer Science Undergraduate Student, UTEP)
Naresh Prodduturi (Bioinformatics Master's Student, UTEP)
John Rosskopf (Biology Master's Student, UTEP)
Leo Saldivar (Programmer Analyst, Bioinformatics Program, UTEP)
Prayook Tungjatooronrusamee (Bioinformatics Master's Student, UTEP)
Rahul Vegesna (Bioinformatics Master's Student, UTEP)
John Upton (Biology Master's Student, UTEP)
Sameera Viswakula (Statistics Master's Student, UTEP)
Daniel Yehadego (Computational Science PhD Student, UTEP)
Jun Zheng (Computer Science PhD Student, UTEP)

*Note: Alumni's past positions while working on the project are shown in parentheses.

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